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Intricately Detailed Sculptures Made from Wild Plants and Weeds by Émeric Chantier 

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The world is weird, man. Weird and kinda beautiful.

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" I still think about him.
I don’t know yet if I am still in love with him,
but I know that I miss him in tiny aftershocks.
In violent, baby tremors.
My home convulsing.
The floorboards on fire.
He is a vivid flame. "

- -Karese Burrows  (via fluerishing)

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" The most remarkable part of this success in bike friendliness is the place it has happened: Southern California. If Isla Vista could turn the tables on car-oriented planning and make biking a real part of the transportation equation, couldn’t it happen elsewhere in the area? "

- Drew Reed on the urbanism success that, until recently, the Southern Californian town of Isla Vista was most famous for.  (via thisbigcity)

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Taking a minute of my time to share this little guy’s story with you all. 

This is The Paypal Pony. He is a Rocky Mountain Horse colt, Nobody is sure who is abusive owner was, as he was found in a very small abandoned horse trailer at a gas station.  He is still a stud. He has an adopting mommy waiting for him in Massachussetts, but the transport will be expensive. Donations are being accepted to pay for his food, medical care, transportation, and gelding. Donations can be made through Paypal to or mailed to PO Box 164, Avawam, KY 41713.  Even if you can’t donate, reblogging may cause this pretty boy to reach someone who can.

Note: I have no connection to this horse. I found him on his Facebook page, called The Paypal Pony, and am sharing his story here hoping to rally even more people to help him have a better life with his new mommy.

Reblogging because well.. I CAN.

Help this little guy get home!!

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